Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers Set 5

41 What are Work Queues in Blue Prism?

Multiple machines can work from the same queue at the same time, each retrieving different cases to work.

42 What is a Control Room in Blue Prism?

In Control Room an unworked or pending item will be marked with three blue dots. Locked items are marked with a padlock. Completed items are marked with a green check mark. Exception items are marked with a purple flag.

43 Explain about exception handling in blue prism?

Most exception handling should be done at process (or component) level. Business objects can contain exception handling but in general they should be kept as simple, reusable pieces of logic.

44 What is the Internal exception in blue prism?

‘Internal’ is the type of exception that isn’t generated by an exception stage, and we have already seen an example in the previous exercise where we first attempted to attach to Notepad. In simple terms, the internal exception is used by Blue Prism to say ‘there is a problem and I can’t do this part’.

45 What is recover stage in blue prism?

The Recover stage attracts exceptions rather like a magnet. Once the flow of a process (or business object) has reached a Recover stage it is said to be in Recovery Mode.

The Resume stage neutralizes, or kills off, the exception and moves the process out of Recovery Mode. Once past the Recover stage, the process is back into ‘normal’ running mode.

46 What is the use of wait stage in blue prism?

A Wait stage will take the path of the first True condition or, if the timeout elapses, the action can proceed to carry out further actions or as noted previously to throw an Exception as something has not happened as expected.

A Wait stage can exist without any condition and the timeout can be used as a pause.

You can use the mouse as normal when spying an application; holding the CTRL key prevents the mouse click from actually pressing the button.

47 Explain The Characteristics Of Rpa?

Code Free: RPA doesn’t require programming skills. Employees with any subject expertise can be trained to automate RPA tools instantly. The whole work revolves around RPA chart which provides a flowchart designer to graphically link, drag and drop icons to represent steps in a process. User-Friendly: RPA adoption originates within business operations rather inside IT departments. RPA projects require less IT skills and less investment. Eventually, the automation is lowered at a substantial rate. Non- Disruptive: RPA avoids complexity and risk. The software robots access end users systems via a controlled user interface, hence reducing the necessity of underlying systems programming

48 Is Robotic Automation like screen scraping or macros?

No, managerial Robotic Automation is a generation on from old technologies like screen scratching or macros. The major differences are: Robots are universal application orchestrators – any application that can be used by a man can be used by a present day robot, whether mainframe, bespoke application, legacy, web service enabled or even a close 3rd party API hosted service. Robots assemble procedural knowledge which after some time joins with a shared library that can re-used by some other robot or device. Applications are “read” by the robot, either through submitted APIs where they exist, through the OS before application appear, or through the screen with respect to the native application. In this last case the modern robot “reads” an application screen in context and in the same way a user does. As part of the robot training it is shown how to read the application’s display much like a user is shown.

49 What support do I need from Blue Prism Professional Services?

It really depends on the skills you already have in house and the way you wish to work. Blue Prism can provide a full range of services from basic training, support and mentoring with a view to quickly getting your team independently delivering ongoing automations, right through to a full turnkey package where we will take responsibility for delivering business benefit within agreed service levels.

50 How to make the data item as global?

By default a Data Item is only visible from its own page, but un-checking the Visibility check box on the properties form will make the Data Item global.