Ericsson hiring Data Scientist

Location: Chennai
Experience: 4 – 9 years
Role: Data Scientist

Key Responsibilities:

•    Lead functional and technical analysis within Ericsson businesses and for strategic customers to understand MI-driven business needs and opportunities
•    Contribute to rapid and iterative development of validated minimum viable solutions addressing these needs. This includes working with petabytes of 4G/5G-networks, IoT and exogenous data, and proposing/selecting/testing predictive models, recommendation engines, anomaly detection systems, statistical models, deep learning, reinforcement learning and other machine learning systems
•    Lead studies and creative usage of new and/or existing data sources. Work with Data Architects to leverage existing data models and build new ones as needed.
•    Collaborate with product development teams and partners in Ericsson Businesses to industrialize machine learning models and solutions as part of Ericsson offerings including providing source code, workflows and documents
•    Work with new technologies and be the ambassador for them in MI Communities within Ericsson, nurturing the communities and mentoring junior data scientists.
•    Provide MI Competence build-up in Ericsson Businesses and Customer Serving Units
•    Develop new and apply/extend existing, concepts, methodologies, techniques for cross functional initiatives
•    Engage with external ecosystem (academia, technology leaders, open source etc.) to develop the skills and technology portfolio for MI’s needs
•    Present and be prominent in MI related forums and conferences, e.g., publishing patents, presenting papers, organizing sessions etc.

Key Qualifications:

•    Bachelors/Masters/Ph.D. in Computer Science, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Electrical Engineering or related disciplines from any of the reputed institutes. First Class, preferably with Distinction.
•    Applied experience: 5+ years of ML and/or AI production level experience
•    Proven skills of implementing a variety of Machine Learning techniques
•    Strong skills in the use of current machine learning frameworks such as H2O, Keras, TensorFlow, Spark ML etc.
•    Demonstrated ability to implement new algorithms and methodologies from leading open source initiatives and research papers addressing their functionalities, scalability and overall industrialization viability
•    Experience with Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Cassandra etc.
•    Strong grounding in math and statistics.
•    Proven ability of leading projects end-to-end.
•    Proven experience writing production-grade software
•    Extensive experience in model development and life-cycle-management in one or more industry/application domain
•    Strong Programming skills in various languages (C++, Scala, Java, R) with proficiency in Python and/or C++
•    Good communication skills in written and spoken English
•    Creativity and ability to formulate problems and solve them independently
•    Ability to build and nurture internal and external communities
•    Experience in writing and presenting white papers, journal articles and technical blogs on the results

Additional Requirements:

•    Certifying MI MOOCS, a plus
•    Applications/Domain-knowledge in Telecommunication and/or IoT, a plus.
•    Experience with data visualization and dashboard creation is a plus
•    Ability to work independently with high energy, enthusiasm and persistence
•    Experience in partnering and collaborative co-creation, i.e., working with complex multiple stakeholder business units, global customers, technology and other ecosystem partners in a multi-culture, global matrix organization with sensitivity and persistence