Basic Things to Note While Developing Your ASP.NET Web Form Application



ASP.NET is a .NET Platform for developing web Application. Nowadays many developers used to build a web-based application using ASP.NET. Because of its functionalities and features are more popular in Web Based Application. Web pages, Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC these are the three frameworks of ASP.NET.

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If you prefer web forms for ASP.NET Application, here are the important guidelines to build scalable and dynamic new ASP.NET Application.

Use of Class Libraries

Class Libraries is the important part for coding. It is direct and reusable one. Class Libraries having one or more number of class. A class is used for one specific task in ASP.NET Web Form Application. For using Class libraries wherever possible it will support to create Powerful ASP.NET Application

Use of HTML, CSS, Javascript

Developing the web-based application, the browsers are the access point to the users. Browsers understand HTML, Javascript, CSS in an easy and quick way. So the ASP.NET Code should be converted into HTML, CSS, Javascript code.

HTML gives the best layout of the page. CSS providing the best style for without much modification of code. Javascript are mainly used for Validation and based on user input.

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Creating reusable UI through User Controls

Creating Reusable interface the developer having two controls, Web user controls, and custom server controls. In ASP.NET Application the web user control is reusable and it will be easy for development.

Use of Web API

Web API is the important part of building HTTP Services in ASP.NET Web Form Application and the Open Source Framework. Web API is the simple service for creating a web application. Using Web API the ASP.NET Application in a REST- Full Way. It does not have an extensive configuration. The features of Web API is supports for MVC Application.

Points To Remember

  • Make Sure to Use a Web API in ASP.NET Applications
  • Using Class Libraries While Coding
  • Make use of Web API
  • Try to create reusable UI through User controls.