Why Choose Microsoft Dot Net Framework

Dot Net Framework was developed by Microsoft that helps developers to create applications easily. It is not only used to develop applications but also helps in running and maintenance of apps and XML web services. With Dot Net framework applications could be developed that runs on multiple platforms. Also it supports in creating cross platform server apps that can run smoothly on different platforms like Linux, Windows also Mac. With the Best  growth of  Dot Net framework in industry  Best Dot Net training in Chennai is also getting spotlight.

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Key Points for Choosing Microsoft Dot Net Framework :

  • Dot Net comes with a large class library called as ‘Framework Class Library’ which helps in interacting two different programming languages to operate on the same kind of data structure.
  • The Programs that are written for Dot NET Framework runs in a software environment named Common Language Runtime (CLR), which provides security, memory management, and other occurrences happening during execution.
  • It’s a framework that allows programmers to call previous codes, hence writing a new one explicitly is not mandatory.
  • Being a common language infrastructure (CLI), it provides a language independent platform for the development of software and apps.
  • Dot NET Framework comes with Console support, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core applications by default that can be used to create applications.
  • Microsoft has incorporated the C++/CLI in Visual Studio 2005, that is used for compiling Visual C++ programs to run within the Dot Net Framework.
  • Dot Net Framework provides means to access functions implemented in newer and older programs that can be executed outside the Dot Net Framework.
  • Dot Net has been enabled with Common type system (CTS) that defines all possible data types and programming constructs supported by CLR and the way it may or may not interact with each other while CLI specification.
  • CTS and the CLR used in Dot Net Framework helps in enforcing safety and prevents ill-defined cases, wrong method invocations, and memory size issues while accessing a code.
  • Though, it is primarily used on Windows but is efficient to perform cross-platform as well.
  • Dot Net Framework comes with its own security mechanism with two general features known as Code Access Security (CAS), and validation and verification.
  • It also manages the memory automatically by freeing it with the help of CLR.

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