Career Options for Core Java Developers


Java is the most popular and largely used programming language in the world of Information Technology. Java is also basic programming language which a fresher can also easily learn. As per the report by Oracle Java runs in more than 3 Billion devices..!

Once you have the basic knowledge in Java or completed our Core Java training program, then there are more number of career options available for YOU..!

Here in this article, lets discuss about the different & trending career options available for a Core Java Developer.

Why choose Java as a Career Option?

Java is an evergreen programming language. Most of the reputed companies like IBM, Infosys, CTS, TCS are using java as their preferred Programming Language.

Java is the Base language for learning hadoop, Android. As a career path for few Java developers roles given below,

  • Software developer
  • Application developer
  • Software developer
  • Java Programmer
  • Tester

The above roles are the some of the Career Path for You. Now the Current Trend Java developers can play with are as follows,

Java with Selenium Automation

Automation testing is as important as software developement, Java is the best language which used for writing automation scripts in Selenium. Selenium supports many languages like Ruby, C#, Python. However, Selenium with java is most preferred from all of the language. There is no need to know advanced concepts, Should learn Core Java and OOPS Concepts are the best part to Java with Selenium Automation.

Still, how much Java do you need to Selenium Automation?

Here is the Link for You: Learn Java for Good Selenium Scripting

Here is the Graphical Representation of Selenium Tester Job Opportunities in India


Java with Hadoop Development

Hadoop Map reduce framework was developed in java Platform. If you have a Java background, understanding Hadoop is perfect match for you.

Hadoop Big data Developer career path is fastest growing in recent years.Most companies are looking for Big data developer for dealing with their data for business intelligence and decision making. Java is an essential skills need on Hadoop Developer. Good knowledge in java with Hadoop development will make your career path in Top Companies like IBM, Amazon, eBay, Google, and Facebook.

Take a look : Why Switching Career from Java to Hadoop

Job Opportunities of Hadoop Developer:

The salary of Hadoop developer is more than an usual Java developer. Job roles for Hadoop developer can be offer from various fields.


Java with Android App Development

Android App development is based on a java programming language. Android is the most developing use of Java. Lot of products can be developed with Android Development mobile phones or tablets and android cameras,watches. If you want to Make your career with Android Development You need to Learn Java.Based on the experience the android developer salary varied from everywhere.

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Android Developers job opportunities are given below


Java with DevOps

DevOps is the most Popular growing field in industry. DevOps is defined as Integration of Development and Operations. Java DevOps is simply applying DevOps practices and philosophies to Java app development

Deveops Salary


Hence learning Java is the best decision to make a great career in IT. Once you get the sound knowledge about java, it will open a door for learning lots of tools and technology around java. Java is the best choice for with working with various domains and high pay .