Top 10 Selenium Tester Responsibilities

  • Selenium Tester Responsibilities

Selenium Tester Responsibilities: Once you have completed our Selenium certification training it is easy for you to get placed in Top MNC companies as a Selenium Tester.

The question which arises for all the beginners here is What are Responsibilities of Selenium Tester??

The Responsibilities of a Selenium Tester varies from one company to another. The below is the top 10 Selenium Tester Responsibilities suggested by Top Recruiters of different companies.

Top 10 Selenium Tester Responsibilities:

  1. Understanding Selenium Test Life Cycle
  2. Knowledge in Selenium Tools such as Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver & Selenium Grid
  3. Good Knowledge in Understanding Selenium Commands – Selenese
  4. Idea in Test Case Prioritization
  5. Better knowledge in Designing the Test Data Properly
  6. Generating Test Cases using TestNG XML
  7. Knowledge in Java Programming to do Selenium Automation
  8. Debugging and running the Tests
  9. Reporting the test properly
  10. Understanding the DevOps Life Cycle


The above mentioned are the Top 10 Selenium Tester Responsibilities that every Selenium Tester must know. Do follow this Selenium Testing Tutorials to get placed in your dream Job.


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