e-con Systems Hiring Machine Learning Engineer

Location: Chennai
Experience: 3+ Years
Skill: Knowledge for Machine Learning

Job Description:


  • Drive the end-to-end problem solving for a people tracking ML product.
  • Design novel and breakthrough ML technology to fully solve ambiguous problems for real-world environment.
  • Work with data acquisition, ML infrastructure and data serving team to propose solutions for new problems and design system in a way that can be successfully deployed at customer premises.
  • Fast iteration on experiment which can develop state-of-the-art deep neural net models, while also aiming to build a common multi-modal neural net that can tackle a broad spectrum of similar problems.
  • Understand the limitations of ML applications performance on embedded platforms. Work closely with development and QA teams in transitioning prototypes to commercial products.

Must have skills:

  • Computer Vision – Experience with object detection, tracking, classification, recognition (Face, Iris, Finger, Gesture,), scene understanding, facial expression analysis.
  • Delivered at-least two products in the customer environment.
  • Thorough understanding of full ML pipeline, starting from data collection to model building to experimental framework to data analytics.
  • Deep understanding of at-least two popular frameworks (Tensorflow, Keras, MxNet, Caffe. CNTK, Theano / Pytorch), their strength and applicable AI use-cases.
  • Experience implementing ML algorithms – Regression, Naive Bayes, Bayesian Network, Decision Tree, Neural Network, SVM, Boosting, K-Means, Ensembler Classifiers, Random Forest, convex optimization, transfer learning.
  • Experience in frameworks such as Spark, Lucene to implement real-time ML systems
  • Strong mathematical understanding.
  • Should have deep expertise in Computer Vision at at-least one vision framework such as OpenCV.
  • Image Processing – hands-on expertise
  • Programming in C / C++ Usage of Mat lab, Open CV tool kits.
  • Experience on embedded/mobile platforms and real-time implementation of complex algorithms.
  • Able to execute quickly with ever-changing problem set and environment.
  • Ability to work in small team / rapid prototyping environment.

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