PMP Interview Questions and Answers Set 5

41. What is a risk register?

It is a register/document that contains all the identified risks of a project, including a list of actions/potential actions.

42. What are some techniques used for defining scope?

Some of the techniques used for defining scope are product breakdown, requirements analysis, systems engineering, systems analysis, value analysis and alternatives analysis. Alternatives analysis can be achieved by lateral thinking brainstorming and pairwise comparisons.

43.Situational & Behavioral Questions.

Unfortunately, providing you exact answers to these type of questions is impossible, but we sure can share tips as to how you can approach these questions. Since project management has a lot to do with the manager’s attitude, these questions can be tricky, but if you answer honestly, wearing the cap of a capable project manager, your answers will be convincing enough.

44. What are the most important values and ethics you should demonstrate as a leader?

Integrity: being truthful and trustworthy and having conviction is an essential leadership competency. The effective leader demonstrates values and ethics in personal behavior and integrates these values and ethics into organizational practices and activities. A good leader acts with the courage of his/her convictions. While leaders are open with their employees and model honesty, transparency and fairness, they do not violate confidences or divulge potentially harmful information.
You may also share your knowledge and learnings from the PMI code of ethics.

45. What are Project Baselines?

Baselines are nothing but the last stage format of all the plans related to a project. It gives clear information about every sub-module to the team engaged in the development of a project.

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46.What is your biggest weakness?

While this question sounds like a general interview question, but its approach in the project management background makes this question, extremely important for your interview. As a project manager, you are supposed to thoroughly understand your team. You are supposed to hone their positives and motivate them to fight their negatives. Thus, it is important for a project manager to first understand himself as a person. Try to give an honest answer and remember to also share how you plan to deal with your weakness and not let it come in your way as a project manager.

47. How have you improved the project management process at your current firm?

You might not have achieved something phenomenal in your current firm and that is absolutely alright. What the interviewer wants to assess by asking you this question, is your ability to make a difference and contribute as an individual. This question is your chance to prove that you can blend in, yet stand out.

48. What are the current challenges in the industry today? Suggest a possible solution?

In this question, you need to analyze the current trends, challenges related to them and suggest a solution or two based on your knowledge and expertise. The key here is to convince the employer that you stay abreast with the changing trends of the market.

49. What is a Milestone in project development?

Milestone is a situation or a time when any specific part of the project development is accomplished. Some experts also define as a situation in which a complex problem has been solved.

50. How do you safeguard your team breaks on track to meet project limits?

The examiner wants to know that you can accomplish your team efficiently. Also, they famine to make unquestionable you not only get projects accomplished, but in a timely manner.

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