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In this question, x^y stands for x raised to the power y. For example,2^3=8 and 4^1.5=8. If a,b are real numbers such that a+b=3, a^2+b^2=7, the value of a^4+b^4 is?


Rs. 3000 is distributed among A, B and C such that A gets 2/3rd of what B and C together get and C gets ½ of what A and B together get. Find C’s share.


The value of a scooter depreciates in such a way that its value at the end of each year is ¾ of its value at the beginning of the same year.if the initial value of the scooter is rs 40000 what is the value at the end of 2 years?


In a single throw with two dice find the probability that their sum is a multiple of 4 and 5


The air-conditioned bus service from Siruseri industry park runs at regular intervals throughout the day. It is now 3:12 pm and it has arrived 1 minute ago but it was 2 minutes late. The next bus is due 3:18 pm. When is the next bus due?


You are driving along a highway at a constant speed of 55 miles per hour you observe a car one-half mile behind you the car is moving fast and zooms past you exactly one minute later. How fast is this car travelling (mph)if its speed is constant?


Babla alone can do a piece of work in 10 days. Ashu alone can do it in 15 days. The total wages for the work is Rs.5000. How much should be Babla be paid if they work together for an entire duration of work?


In a week in July the average daily temperature of Monday to Wednesday was 27 degrees and of Tuesday to Thursday was 24 degrees.if the temperature remained constant throughout in any given day.


The numbers from 5 to 26 are written side-by-side as follows 567..2526. What is the remainder of dividing the resultant number by 9?


In the IT department of backrub, the administrator password is changed every month. The team of administrators spread across the globe, receive an 8 digits number via email. This number is to be prefixed with a single-digit number and suffixed with a single-digit number to get the actual password. The password is divisible by 11 and 8. If the team received 54218345 this month. Then which of the following pairs give valid prefix and suffix respectively?


A,B and C can together do some work in 72 days.A and B together do two times as much work as C alone, and A and C together can do our times as much word as B alone. Find the time taken by C alone to do the whole work.


Fishing is a serious environmental issue.It has been determined by the scientists that if the net of a trawler has mesh size x cm by x (square mesh) then the percentage of fish entering the net that are caught in the net is (100-0.02x^2-0.05x.for example if the mesh size is zero 100% of the fish that enter the net will be caught. The trawler with net with a square mesh that was suspected of using an illegal size net dropped its net to the ocean floor near the damand and coast guard officials arrested the crew.the scientists later looked at the size of the fish caught and estimated that the net used by the trawler at least 97.93% of the fish entering the net would be caught. What is the maximum value of x for the net by the trawler?


Two cars start at the same time from a and b and travel towards each other at speeds of 50kmph and 60 kmph respectively at the time of their of their meeting the second car has travelled 120 km more than the first the distance between a and b is


An Aeroplane has four emergency exits. In an emergency it requires 8 seconds per passenger to evacuate the plane, if the hand baggage is not carried by the passenger. How long will it take to eliminate 53 passengers in an emergency?


What is the next number in the series 70,54,45,41?


In this problem ABS(X)is the mathematical value of X without regard to its sign. for example ABS(3)IS 3 and ABS(-3) is also 3.if the equation ABS(x+12)+ABS(x-5)=r is satisfied by infinitely many values of x the value of r is


In this question a^b means a raised to the power b .what is the remainder when 48^565 is divided by 7?


Apples cost L rupees per kilogram for the first 30 kilograms and Q rupees per kilogram for each additional kilogram. If the price paid for 33 kilograms of apples is Rs. 1167 and for 36 kilograms of apples is Rs. 1284, then the cost of the first 10 kgs of apples is:


Initially, when Sona and Tina left for a shopping expedition , Sona had three times the money than Tina had. They bought things amounting to Rs. 480 altogether, out of which Tina’s share was 65%. At the end of shopping, Sona was left with 4 times the amount that Tina had. What was the amount with Tina at the beginning?


The difference between the ages of two of my three grandchildren is 3. My eldest grandchild is three times older than the age of my youngest grandchild, and my eldest grandchild’s age is two years more than the ages of my two youngest grandchildren added together. How old is my eldest grandchild?


The people of the land of unsymmetric to ensure that there is very little symmetry in life. Even their unit of length (no one knows what it is) is called as unsym. It is their pride that the front wheel and the real wheels of their bikes are of different sizes but are made so that they will not slip on the road . In a certain model of bike the radius of the front wheel is 28 unsyms and that of the back wheels is 14 unsyms after driving a certain distance if front wheel had revolution 54 times how many revolution would the back wheel have undergone?


A road network covers some c can be reached only from city a or city b.the distance from a to c is 65 kms and that from B to C is 30 kms. The shortest distance from a to b is 58 kms. The shortest distance from city P to A is 420 kms and the shortest distance from city P to B is 345 kms. The shortest distance from city P to city C in kms is:


There Is a circular bookshelf under a stair in a Govt library. The wall is 0 ft. height the distance of the base of the stairs from the comer of the room is 8ft. What is the radius of the circular bookshelf in feet?


We are driving along a highway at a constant speed of 55 miles per hour (mph). You observe a car one half mile behind you. The car is moving fast and zooms past you exactly one minute later. How fast is this car traveling (mph) if its speed is constant?


8 year old Eesha visited her grandpa. He gave her this riddle.:
I started working at 18.i spent ⅙ of my working life in a factory. I spent ⅓ of my working life in office and I spent ⅓ of my working life as a school caretaker. For the last 9 years of my working life I have been doing social service. How old am I?