Time to Learn HTML5 New Tags and Attributes

HTML is the standard mark up language used for creating web pages, HTML5 is the current and fifth version of HTML. HTML5 benefits are ranging from platform compatibility, cleaner code, and user interface. Here are the Top 3 reasons to learn HTML5

Importance of HTML5

Browser Support: 

HTML5 resolves the biggest issue in Web Development by providing a standard in designing a web page,  “Build Once Run anywhere”. It is strongly guaranteed that the user can access the content of the web page either from mobile or pc once the web page was created by following the HTML5 standard.

User Accessibility:

HTML5 can able to create sites which is more accessible to the readers. The new HTML tags like <nav>, <section>, <aside> etc can helps the users to access the content in the page easily. The new semantic tags will helps to get the better experience than before.

Smart Storage:

  HTML5 has new local storage feature which is one of the best feature here. Using this Web application can store the data locally within the user’s browser. It resolves the problem of storing the data in cookies which affects the browser performance.

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