Machine Learning Interview Questions and Answers Set 9

81. What are the advantages of Naive Bayes?

In a Naïve Bayes classifier will converge quicker than discriminative models like logistic regression, so you need less training data.  The main advantage is that it can’t learn interactions between features.

82. In what areas Pattern Recognition is used?

  1. Pattern Recognition can be used in
  2. Computer Vision
  3. Speech Recognition
  4. Data Mining
  5. Statistics
  6. Informal Retrieval
  7. Bio-Informatics

83. How would you approach the “Netflix Prize” competition?

The Netflix Prize was a famed competition where Netflix offered $1,000,000 for a better collaborative filtering algorithm. The team that won called BellKor had a 10% improvement and used an ensemble of different methods to win. Some familiarity with the case and its solution will help demonstrate you’ve paid attention to machine learning for a while.

84. What are the different methods of Sequential Supervised Learning?

The different methods to solve Sequential Supervised Learning problems are

a)      Sliding-window methods

b)      Recurrent sliding windows

c)       Hidden Markow models

d)      Maximum entropy Markow models

e)      Conditional random fields

f)       Graph transformer networks

85. What are the areas in robotics and information processing where the sequential prediction problem arises?

The areas in robotics and information processing  where the sequential prediction problem arises are

a)      Imitation Learning

b)      Structured prediction

c)       Model-based reinforcement learning

86. What is batch statistical learning?

Statistical learning techniques allow learning a function or predictor from a set of observed data that can make predictions about unseen or future data. These techniques provide guarantees on the performance of the learned predictor on the future unseen data based on a statistical assumption on the data generating process.

87. What is PAC Learning?

PAC (Probably Approximately Correct) learning is a learning framework that has been introduced to analyze learning algorithms and their statistical efficiency.

88. What are the different categories you can categorize the sequence learning process?

a)      Sequence prediction

b)      Sequence generation

c)       Sequence recognition

d)      Sequential decision

89. What is sequence learning?

Sequence learning is a method of teaching and learning in a logical manner.

90. What are two techniques of Machine Learning?

The two techniques of Machine Learning are

a)      Genetic Programming

b)      Inductive Learning