Software Testing Life Cycle

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) is a very important concept that we need to know if we wants to understand testing process in detail.

Requirement Analysis:

Test Strategy Document –  Test Manager – Static Document

  • Business priorities
  • Risk and its mitigation
  • Testing tools
  • Automation needed or not
  • Process of test execution
  • Type of testing
  • Training needed or not


Test Planning:

Test Plan Document – Test Manager/ Test lead – Dynamic document.

It will have the below details for each scenario. It will have answers or planning data like when(Dates and test scenario execution activities planned). Which test environment (SIT or UAT) test cases are going to get executed. What are the test types we need to use or choose for the execution.

  • When
  • What
  • Where
  • How
  • Who

Test Case Development:

During the development phase parallely below activities will be held in STLC in agile methodology.

  • Preparing test cases
  • Test data preparation
  • Automation Framework Selection.

Environment Setup:

  • During this phase, test case review will be completed by testers.
  • Updating of test cases based on review and generating the next versions of test cases.

Test Execution:

  • Executing the test cases and identifying potential bugs from it.
  • Assigning bugs to appropriate developers and follow-up for its closure.
  • In Agile Methodology, development and testing will happen parallel.

Test Cycle Closure:

  • Preparing the test report
  • Sent it to appropriate distribution list daily, weekly or bi weekly manner


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