UiPath Interview Questions and Answers Set 7

61. What is a single block activity in UiPath?

Single Block Activity is the smallest type of project which is mainly called as Sequence. They are suitable for linear processes as they enable you to go from one activity to another seamlessly, and act as a single block activity. They can be reused time and again, as a standalone automation or as part of a state machine or flowchart.

62. In UiPath, what pre-plans should be made before automating a process?

Selecting the right framework is the most important task just after selecting the tool with which we are going to start automating. Because this appropriate framework serves as the platform on which the very operations of process automation is conducted. On the basis of the type of task, the In Scope and Out Scope items should be tagged. And the next thing is to test the environment. It is advised for the users to prepare the charts for the timelines of the project. And, to bring the task to its completion, the deliverables should be identified.

63. What are Control Flow Activities in UiPath?

Control Flow is a concept borrowed from computer science that refers to the order in which actions are performed in an automation. A proper Control Flow can be achieved through the intelligent use of variables and activities.

64. How is a Tree View structure in a web page expanded with UiPath?

Since the command Click Image is probably peculiar and unique, it is the best option to expand the root node for a collapsed tree. And it is suggested to use Click Text to expand a particular node as it does target the text we need to expand in the node by giving it a certain negative offset in the Position property and, at last, it will wind up clicking on the + key for expansion.

65. What is the Assign Activity in UiPath?

The Assign activity is an important activity that is going to be used quite often, as it enables you to assign a value to a variable. You can use an Assign activity to increment the value of a variable in a loop, sum up the value of two or more variables and assign the result to another variable, assign values to an array and so on. By default, this activity is also included in the Favorites group. To remove it, right-click it and select Remove.

66. How are the Namespaces imported in UiPath?

These following methods are used to import the Namespaces.

First of all, the Imports tab is to be opened.

Type the namespace you want to in the Enter or Select namespace field. If you are clueless as to what to choose, you can see the provided suggestions while you type.

To browse and view all the available namespaces, click the drop-down arrow.

Once you select the needed namespace, it is then added to the Imported Namespaces. Pressing the Delete key removes the selected namespace. But Deletion can only be performed if it is not referenced by the project contained by the relevant assembly.

Choosing the needed namespace, it is then added to the Imported Namespaces. The selected namespace can be removed by selecting and pressing Delete. Only the idle and the unused namespaces are deleted. If that namespace is not mentioned anywhere, it is destined for deletion.

67. What is the Delay Activity in UiPath?

The Delay activity enables you to pause the automation for a custom period of time (in the hh : mm: ss format). This activity proves itself quite useful in projects that require good timing, such as waiting for a specific application to start or waiting for some information to be processed so that you can use it in another activity.

68. Explain the single block activity in UiPath?

Single Block Activity is usually called as Sequence and it is the smallest type of project. We can go from one activity to another seamlessly since they are suitable for linear processes and works as a single block activity. It is possible to reuse them over and again as part of a flowchart or state machine and as the stand-alone automation process.

69. What is the Do While Activity in UiPath?

The Do While activity enables you to execute a specified part of your automation while a condition is met. When the specified condition is no longer met, the project exits the loop. This type of activity can be useful to step through all the elements of an array or execute a particular activity multiple times. You can increment counters to browse through array indices or step through a list of items.

70. Why do you perform Data Scraping in UiPath?

Data scraping helps in enabling the extraction of structured data, document or application. Structured data is a group of information that is organized and presented in a predictable pattern.