Top 5 Useful Android Apps for IT Pros

Useful Android Apps for IT Pros : Good news for tech support staffs, network administrators and one more advantages who use Android smartphones: There are hundreds of Android apps designed to help you get your work done betterfaster and best of all remotely. Do a Little searching and you’ll find tools that enable you to remotely access monitor servers , desktops and tether your laptop to your phone and more. And the vast majority of these tools are free.

Here are the Top 5 Useful Android Apps for IT Professionals,


VNC desktop-sharing software lets IT pros remotely connect to and run systems connected to their LAN or via the Internet. AndroidVNC extends that ability to Android phones.

With it, you can see and control your computer’s desktop or the desktops of the users you support  no matter where you are. This app connects to most VNC servers, including Real VNC, TightVNC, , x11vnc and Apple Remote Desktop.

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ConnectBot makes use of the Secure Shell (SSH) network protocol to establish a secure connection between networked devices. The app allows IT workers to shell into the multiple servers and firewalls they support and securely transfer files to and from the phone.

One drawback is that you won’t be able to use this app in landscape mode if you’re using a virtual keyboard, because the keyboard takes up the entire screen. However, the developers suggest a work-around for that situation: Use the Force Resize command to force the app to fit above the virtual keyboard.

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bMonitor Server Monitor

One of the many nightmare scenarios for an IT professional is having servers go down while you’re out of the office — and not knowing about it.bMonitor can help ease the stress of that scenario by keeping you updated on the status of your servers. The app works by testing servers remotely via ping, port or Web page monitoring.

If the server does not respond, bMonitor will ring your phone, alerting you to the problem. You can even have it ring different IT staffers when there’s a problem; simply enter multiple phone numbers in the “Alert Recipients” field in the setup screen. All errors and other events are automatically logged in a text file on your phone.

One problem users have found with bMonitor is that constantly checking servers consumes a great deal of battery power. The app does, however, offer a variety of customization options, including one that lets you control how frequently your phone tests your server.

Download Free bMonitor Server Monitor

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Astro File Manager

This neat little tool is designed to help you wade through the clutter of files and apps that accumulate on your phone. It provides a folder view of phone, including folders for third-party apps and the contents of your root system folder. A toolbar makes it easy to navigate through the directory and includes buttons for searching, editing an entry and bookmarking folders.

What does this have to do with IT? Over a Wi-Fi connection, IT administrators can use Astro File Manager to control and track all the files in a network shared folder or system. Simply set up a network location via SMB(server message block) and readily view file details and permissions. You can also easily copy, rename or delete files.

Astro File Manager sends files as attachments,creates and stores backups of your apps and also kills tasks. As with most free apps, the downside is that you have to put up with banner ads.

Download Free Astro File Manager

Wifi Analyzer

Wireless network slow? This handy tool helps you find the best channels on which to run your wireless routersand access points.

Wifi Analyzer shows available channels graphically so you can see immediately how crowded they are. You can then choose a less crowded alternative.

Some may be put off by the ads that rotate through the bottom of the screen, but these are a small price to pay for the free functionality offered.