Gofrugal Hiring AngularJS Developer

Location: Chennai
Experience: 5+ years
Role Software Developer
Skill: AngularJS

Skills :

  • Delivering Delight to Customer :
    • Passionate in learning and Optimizing Business Process
    • In-depth Product & Process Knowledge and ability to Suggest customer the correct methods / Solution in terms of benefiting customers existing SOP to reduce Investment/ optimize current resource / Improve Productivity by reducing Time / Improve Profits. Customer must Feel “GoFrugal”
    • Must have Hands-on experience in UAT Planning and Execution
    • Ability to manage multiple Projects and manage Project plan live & Proactive ensure no slip / Zero escalations.
    • Ability to do GAP Analysis, GAP Document, Feasibility Study to suggest best solution based on Market and Product Solution Mapping. Solution must be Frugal.
    • Roll Out plan for the Live Installation, experience in hands-on Live Implementation, Managing multiple projects & must be quick implementer (Average duration of the project will be 10 Days.)
  • Helping Sales team :
    • Helping sales manager by participating in Demo’s and do Knowledge Transfer with the help of Webinars & Help Videos.
  • Helping Product team :
    • Help Development team by review the New Features delivered in each release and share the Feedback
    • Sharing the value addition , Wow feeling of customer reg the feature delivered / solution suggested in terms of value / time / resource benefits
  • Helping Marketing Team :
    • Project Closure Report to share the experience, benefits customer get from the solution Implemented in terms of Investment / Productivity / Time / Resource etc..
    • Help marketing with more happy customer videos, quotes and case studies
  • Work with Team :
    • Must be Good Team Player and more collaborative by Helping Team members sharing the Knowledge and Experience, KT Sessions using Webinars and other tools, Discussions in case of any GAP or solution required Help. Must Provide suggestion
  • Planning & Reporting :
    • Must be Good Planner based on Load and Priority, Ensure 100 % achievement of his plan every day
    • Must be good and on time Daily Reports, Monthly Reports, Project Closure Reports & Hand over Support Report.
  • Preferred to have multi- lingual skills (English + Hindi + Any other local languages)

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Delivering Delight to Customer :
    • The key role of this position is 100 % WoW Delivery to Corporate Customers, leading to more upsell by more references in the market.
    • Must be an expert in providing Consultation (System Study and Suggesting best practice / solution considering the Market).
    • 100% responsible for successful solution delivery (From system study to go live Sign off) by following Delivery Process 100%. Average duration of a Project will be 10 Days.
    • Understand scope of delivery, customer’s business and map then with the existing solution.
    • Requirement Documentation, doing GAP Analysis, Feasibility study and Solution Document.
    • Proactive Project Management with zero escalation and 100 % customer satisfaction.
    • Setup UAT and train end users on solution to be implemented.
    • Manage go-live execution and sign-off.
    • Must own Multiple Projects at a time.
  • Helping Marketing team :
    • Ensure the customer happiness with the Value addition by providing solution and help GoFrugal get more happy customers stories, quotes and videos.
  • Helping Sales team :
    • Help sales team on Demo’s and any clarifications related to solution.
    • Help in sales learning by KT, one 2 one session or by webinars.
    • Prepare 2 min self help video’s and share with sales team.
  • Work with Team :
    • Continuous learning and feedback to improve Product / Delivery Process / Reduce Implementation Time.
    • Must balance load in case any team member requested for Help
    • Collaborate with team members by sharing the experience, knowledge and learn from them on some problem required help.
    • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly delivery planning and Review / Reporting.
  • Help Development/Support Team :
    • Testing the new feature released every week and share the feedback and suggestion if any
    • Project Closure report and Support Handover reports for every Projects.