Reverie Language Technologies Hiring Full Stack Developer

Experience: 0-3 years of work experience

Location: Bangalore

Education Qualification: Bachelor’/Master’s Degree in CS

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Developing & maintaining production ready WebApps.
  • End to End development and deployment of web applications.
  • Creating quick web based demos.
  • Involvement in architecting complex Webapps.
  • REST api integrations.
  • Design/develop responsive web pages and UI components from scratch.
  • Automate routine tasks using various build tools like webpack, npm scripts, gulp etc.
  • Design and implement backend architecture.
  • Configure and deploy solutions to different environments (staging/production).
  • Write clean & efficient backend code that scales well.
  • Performance optimization of existing projects by upgrading dependencies, refactoring and DB query optimization.
  • Learn -> Build -> Measure -> Learn
  • Write design documents, presentations and lead junior devs.
    Create demos for prospects.

Must have skills fro this role are:

  • RESTful API development (mandatory).
  • Thorough understanding of React.js and its core principles (mandatory)
  • ReactJS / AngularJs
  • NodeJS (mandatory)
  • Project Automation Tools: Webpack, RollUp, Gulp, etc.
  • CSS3 and SVG interactivity.
  • Javascript language (ES6).
  • Async design patterns (Promises, Generators, Observables, Async-await etc.
  • MEAN stack
  • State management: Redux
  • Good Familiarity with versioning control tools (Git)
  • Familiarity with Oauth and OpenId based identity and access management systems like keycloak.