Virtusa Hiring Angular Developer

Location: Chennai
Experience:8+ years
Role Software Developer
Skill: AngularJS


  • 8+ years of industry experience
  • Substantial experience in building large complex and performant web applications using HTML5, CSS3, Typescript and Javascript across multiple browsers.
  • Experience in frameworks such as React (Redux, Redux Thunk or Saga, React Router, React Hooks) , Angular 5 and good understanding of the basics of these frameworks and their life cycles.(MUST HAVE)
  • Experience in frameworks like Bootstrap and CSS preprocessors like SASS and LESS is desirable.
  • Deeper understanding of network layer, HTTP, HTTPS, cookies, local storage.
  • Knowledge to handle realtime async data would be a plus.
  • Good knowledge on build tools like Webpack and Gulp
  • Good knowledge on testing tools like Jest, Cypress, Jasmine, Karma, etc
  • Deeper understanding of Chrome Dev Tools.
  • Deeper knowledge of UI optimizations and performance.