Amazon Hiring Software Development Engineer

· Focus on scalability, performance, service robustness, and cost trade-offs. (Especially as they pertain to a highly-virtualized, elastic, cloud-based environment)
· Apply scientific analysis and mathematical modeling techniques to predict, measure, and evaluate the consequences of designs and the ongoing success of our platform
· Continuously drive to explore, improve, enhance, automate, and optimize distributed systems and tools to best meet evolving business and market needs
· Work alongside a dedicated operations team to develop and support the smooth 24×7 operation of our worldwide service
· Participate in setting a vision and objectives for Amazon CloudSearch in alignment with business and market needs
· Invent the future of search instead of just being a bystander
· Mentor other SDEs and advise the leadership team on the technical vision.Design, develop, and support a world-class CloudSearch and Elasticsearch platform that manages thousands of search domains across 2 AWS services.

Basic Qualifications
· Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or related engineering discipline
· A minimum of 5 years software development experience using Python, Java, Shell scripting.
· 2+ years experience designing and developing multi-threaded/multi-process distributed systems
· Understanding of Grid computing, Map-Reduce, advanced server clustering and distributed programming
· Knowledge of the core elements of file system, kernel and database internals – latency, throughput, reliability, availability, consistency, security, etc.
· Expertise to produce bulletproof code that is fault-tolerant, efficient, and maintainable
· Strong experience in mentoring high caliber technical team.