Amazon Hiring Applied Scientist

Job Description is looking for talented Machine Learning Scientist with a background in Machine Learning (MS/PhD) who desires to work on building solutions to very difficult problems, with the ability to create, innovate, and define the next generation of NLP and Machine Learning to help us mine meaningful information from the large eBook datasets we have. The product of this team will contribute directly to several other teams in the company working in the Kindle content space and help us to build several unique features to our customers. This position will be located in Chennai, India.

The ideal candidates will have strong background in one or more of the following areas:
· Natural Language Processing,
· Text Analytics,
· Machine learning,
· Semantic Analysis,
· Entity Classification,
· Topic Extraction,
· Parsing
· Creating structured data from large unstructured datasets

Basic Qualifications

MS/PHd in ML with hands on exp in natural language processing.

Making a relevant choice of ML technique to apply for the different use cases we confront in eBOOK space. Build a prototype solution accordingly.
Processing big data in a distributed environment.
Algorithms to use for incremental training of ML models, noise pruning, salience/redundancy check, and efficient indexing/matching.