Dckap Hiring Data Scientist

Location: Chennai
Experience: 1 years
Role: Data Scientist

Job Description 

  • 1+ years of experience in Tensorflow
  • Knowledge and experience in Deep Learning libraries (TensorFlow, Caffe etc) , NLP Libraries (OpenNLP, Weka) , ML Libraries (scikit-learn, Theano)
  • Ability to understand the data, associated processes and business implications
  • Experience with data warehousing, database management systems, and big-data pipelines.
  • Develop machine learning solutions using cutting edge technology to solve customer use cases.
  • Knowledge of Advanced Statistics, Modelling, Machine Learning and AI methodologies

Job Responsibilities

  • Strong knowledge of C++, Python  or R
  • Practical knowledge of working with scalable platforms for processing of huge data sets
  • Experience with distributed software architecture
  • Experience with machine learning frameworks
  • Deep curiosity to learn about AI and ML
  • Good communication skills