Enqos Hiring Data Scientist


Work on big data analytics with many different industry segments, ranging from commercializing telco data with customer analytics, IoT, agriculture, and many others. You will be assigned into one of our use cases and work with product, campaign, or marketing team and help them to deliver insight and analytics to the client. Your works should result in form of reports, dashboards, or machine learning that lead to an actionable business decision. You will get a chance to use petabytes of data to impact 60 million customers.


  • Scripting language like Python or/and R
  • Ability to design an experiment and ask important questions about the data
  • Able to implement large scale machine learning and statistical modeling to inform upper management
  • Pull and analyze data from Big Data frameworks, e.g. Hadoop / Spark / Hive
  • 5 years plus work data science experience
  • Computer science or statistics/math or related background from reputable university.
  • Excellent communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Masters degree from reputable university
  • Experience in interactive visualization like RShiny/D3.js/Bokeh
  • At least one of OOP language, e.g. Scala/Java/C++
  • Have 3 years work experience in Unix environment
  • Having portfolio of data science projects that you can show
  • Demonstrated ability to learn quickly