FlipKart Hiring Data Scientist

Job Description
As a data scientist in our team we expect you to lead engagements with our customers.

  • Identify potential opportunities in applying Data Mining methods & techniques to solve existing business problems
  • Highlight both risks & business benefits in using Data driven approaches
  • Put across a roadmap for customers & also highlight technology requirement
  • Define scope, effort & risks in project engagements & lead execution in small team
  • Actively consult, conduct pre-sales, develop POCs, patriciate incubation/accelerator/product programmes
    Introduce and follow good development practices, innovative frameworks, and technology solutions that help business move faster.

Data Scientist

  • Works to develop analytical/ data mining/ machine learning models using Python, R and other tools
  • Gather, evaluate and document requirements, ability to build an algorithm (statistical/ data mining/ machine learning) based on requirements and specifications provided
  • Works with data and is able conceptualize and improvise analytical solutions to problems

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