Nanobi Hiring Senior Data Scientist

Designation : Senior Data Scientist
Experience : 7-9 years of experience of which at least 6-7 must be hands on in DataScience related work
Location: Bangalore

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Expert understanding and demonstrated skills of using “R”. Exposure to SAS, Python, SPSS,Julia etc also an advantage.
  • Excellent ability to assimilate multi-disciplinary problems across industries, createhypotheses and craft solutions using data science skills and techniques.
  • Bring together different technologies to solve a problem.
  • Strong understanding of databases, file systems (big data stores, especially) anddatabase/SQL languages.
  • Very strong articulation skills. Articulation skills are both oratory and written.


  • The individual will be a designer of solutions that address specific business outcomes. These will be across industries and functions and must be designed generically to handle reuse. Sometimes the questions will be unknown, which the individual must creatively discover and solve.
  • Solutions will be complete packages of BI and advanced data science related models in “R”.
  • The individual will understand the nanobi platform and lead the integration of the models and deliver the solutions on the nanobi platform for client deployment.
  • Work very closely with sales, pre-sales and consulting to understand customer problem specifics and solve them for wider application. In this, the individual may have to spend time closely at customer locations.
  • Must provide direction and leadership to Jr. Data Scientist in their model development.
  • Will also have to work with functional experts in other teams to build out business representations of the data science Work.