Diamondpick Hiring DevOps Engineer

Job Description:

Tokenization DevOps is a systems engineering discipline that effectively provides 24×7 operations support and continuous availability of partner stages to our key strategic partners who are testing the integration of new features with their systems. DevOps team ensures the availability of PayPal’s Tokenization Partner states by using best in class Alerts Management System, build quality by employing a complete regression suite and well-managed bugs and incident triaging by establishing Process Frameworks.


  • Actively monitor any systems issues and application events within the Partner stage.
  • Work independently and with others in the team to triage and help systems and application incidents/issues. Add and/or upgrade relevant monitoring procedures for each incident.
  • Develop and enhance production monitoring and management capabilities leveraging existing platforms and tools.
  • Own, maintain and continuously update regression test suite and sanity suites with new features.
  • Work with the established cadence within the established SLAs for troubleshooting, escalating and resolving build issues.
  • Identify recurring system and application issues and work with all teams and stakeholders in investigating and resolving any issue. Perform Root Cause Analysis and ensure that Engineering teams add automation for any such recurring issues.
  • Contribute or build from scratch applications to help our automate operations to help Engineering teams operate efficiently on a day-to-day basis.
  • Understand PayPal’s basic tokenization system architecture and design in order to better align improvement strategies to operational procedures.
  • Engage in and work with different teams to help improve the whole lifecycle of services – from inception and design, through deployment, operation and refinement.

Required Experience: Level II – Intermediate: 4-5 years

Skills Required: Tokenization, DevOps

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Designation: PP – Application Engineer, Tokenization Devops