Top Two Use Cases of Hadoop

  • Top Two Use Cases of Hadoop


In this world, many companies are using Hadoop for data storage because Hadoop storing and analyzing a large amount of data.Main services of Hadoop is stores any type of data from any source.Here we will discuss main use cases of Hadoop

Financial Service Use case of Hadoop: 

  • Financial services are major users of Hadoop.Major use cases of Hadoop is risk modeling, solve the questions and evaluate the customers in banking.

  • Financial sectors contain banking, life insurance, mutual funds etc…

  • In these days Hadoop cluster is used to banking for create risk analysis for people details and having separate data warehouse for quick and easy access to data.

  • Risk analysis mainly used to manages a financial security.

  • Before 2008, every branch of the bank used same data warehousing for storing data, credit card transactions, check the data and everything so banking system are failed to provide customer details.

  • After 2008, many banks are used one Hadoop cluster that contains pera bytes of data from many databases like credit card transaction, customer details etc..

  • When customer details are stored in different databases improve customer satisfaction.

  • In many financial sectors used HDFS and MapReduce for analyzing the customer details

  • Main Purposes of Hadoop in Financial sectors is fraud detection and analyze market credits.

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Healthcare Sector use case of Hadoop: 

  • In healthcare, the main purpose of Hadoop is reducing cost of medicine, maintains the human life and keeping health index

  • Hadoop are generated patient records and maintains the requirements of patient and Hadoop reduces data warehousing expenses also.

  • In healthcare, patient details are generated by electronic health devices so difficult to analyze the data from the traditional database so Hadoop is most important in the healthcare sector.

  • Using Hadoop in healthcare very easy to analyze the data, maintains the patient data and fraud detection.

  • Hadoop is one of the databases and it stores the unstructured data and many medical records having large amounts of unstructured datasets

  • HDFS and MapReduce are processing large amount data and resolving the big data problems in healthcare sectors

  • Hadoop database stores a large amount of data at a second so they solve a complex problem like logging more data and querying data analytics.

  • The main objective of Hadoop using in the healthcare sector is store and analyze the medical data and evaluating the medical trends with million peoples.

  • In Hadoop database, healthcare sector creates treatment options for every patient as per needs.

Described above are the Topmost use cases of Hadoop.