Tech Mahindra Hiring Hadoop Developer

Skills: Hadoop, SQL, Data Mining, NoSQL, HDFSDescription:¿ You will be responsible for the design and development of technical solutions utilizing the big data platform.¿ Strong understanding of complex business problems to ensure projects are leveraging the appropriate technology and the technical design enables the delivery of a comprehensive solution.¿ You will be working very closely with Big Data Analytic Team to quickly and accurately assemble appropriate databases for data mining.¿ Banking background preferred. Responsibilities ¿ Defining technical requirements¿ Loading data HDFS ¿ HDFS, Teradata ¿ HDFS¿ Managing directory structure, ¿ Managing HDFS framework, ¿ Managing Hive databases, ¿ Managing NoSQL databases, data extraction, data transformation, automating jobs, ¿ Productionalizing jobs, ¿ Exploring new big data technologies within a Massively Parallel Processing environment. Skills Required:¿ 6+ years of professional experience preferably in Banking and Finance industry¿ Good communication and presentation skills¿ HDFS, Sqoop, Pig, Zookeeper, and Hive¿ Unix/Linux ¿ Data Visualization in Micro strategy / OBIEE / Tableau /Quickview (pref)¿ Java/Scala coding experience¿ Extensive SQL¿ Data Analysis¿ Architecting, developing, implementing and maintaining Big Data solutions using Apache HadoopAdditional skills and experience below would be advantage:¿ Experience in Graph Data base (Neo4j, Sparkx etc)¿ Experience in predictive analytics, text mining, and clustering¿ Data Mining/Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence¿ Automation tools (ControlM) ¿ NoSQL


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