TCS Hiring BigData Technical Architect

Job Description
1. Experience building applications using Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Scala and other Hadoop technology stack.

2. Expertise in Core Java programming/Python/Ruby/C++

3. Experience in high scale or distributed RDBMS/NOSQL with advanced SQL scripting knowledge.

4. Cassandra/MongoDB/CouchDB/Teradata

5. Hadoop cluster setup & performance tuning knowledge.

6. Proficiency with Linux/Unix and open source tools/platforms.

7. Familiarity with working on java frameworks and knowledgeable in java scripting.

8. Knowledge of the next generation technologies – Databases, Hadoop, MapReduce, NoSql DBs , Social Media, Cloud applications , Advance Analytics and information management etc.

9. Knowledge in Test Driven development.

10. Exposure to various design patterns used in frameworks

11. Ability to learn and implement a PoC on any given technology.

12. Automating release and deployment

13. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery concepts

14. Strong in version control (preferably distributed – Git) tools.

15. Experience in leading and mentoring a team of Big Data experts

Role Developer
Job Id128815
Desired Skills Big Data | Cassandra | Hadoop | Python | Core JAVA | Hive