Zauba Corp Hiring Data Engineer

Job Responsibilities
Design and development of robust, scalable and highly efficient data engineering solutions for structured and unstructured data (Including gathering and processing raw data at scale, writing scripts, web scraping, calling APIs, writing SQL queries, etc.)
Develop processes for text mining and extraction of information from unstructured data
Design, architect and develop efficient data pipelines around the data collected
Take ownership of existing web product and applications
Design and implement data models that scale across the enterprise
Take ownership of existing data workflows and processes
Enhance scalability, performance, and stability of existing infrastructure
Work closely with other team members to integrate your innovations and algorithms into our production systems

Java/Python – Intermediate to advanced level
SQL – Advanced
MySQL ­ Intermediate to advanced level
Regex – Basic to intermediate level
Linux ­ Basic to intermediate level

Good to have

Must have qualities
Skills to learn new skills quickly
Desire to create disruptive products and services
Passion – not just to work in startups but to take them to next level
Above average programming aptitude
Be passionate about producing high­ quality engineering deliverables
Be productive working independently or collaboratively
Have an eye for building efficient processes
Be self­ motivated
Proactively take ownership

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