Java Training Chennai

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What Does Java Mean ?

Java is a object oriented programming language that produced software for multiple platform. When developers write a application, the compiler code (bytecode) runs on OS-Operating System, including Windows, Linux.In Java drive, the syntex from the C and C++.

Java was developed by James A. Gosling with Sun Microsofts in the year of 1990s.

Java Today

According to Sun Microsoft,there are more then 3 billion mobile phones run Java and are more than 9 million Java developers worldwide.

The powerful Feature of Java :

  • Emphasis on data rather then procedure
  • Reusability of code
  • The external function is cannot accessed because of the data is hidden .
  • An object is communicate with each other through functions
  • New data and function can be easily added.

Advantage of Java:

  • Java is easy to learn
  • Java is object-oriented
  • Java is platform-independent

Java in Chennai :

Credo Systemz is providing best java training with placment  for the candidates who are looking for java Courses. The training that Credo Systemz providing is more Practical Oriented rather than Theoretical.

Our training program is also very unique which makes you feel like working in a live project. In our Java training program, you will learn Core Java, J2EE, Advanced Java and java placement training.