How to be Big Boss in Selenium Automation – Top 5 Concepts

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Before going further, If you are new here and not aware of our Selenium Tutorials. Don’t worry here is the deal for you. Sharing you some of the latest Selenium tutorials below,


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Here are the 5 concepts to be Big Boss of Selenium Automation Testing

Basics of Selenium

Selenium Testing Tool – An Open source:

Selenium an open source and a portable automated testing tool to test the web-based applications. It has the capability to write tests in many different languages such as C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python etc.
It gets better,

This open source Selenium tool is not just an single tool but a set of tools which helps the testers to automate web based applications.

Advantages of Selenium

  • Open source and portable software testing tool
  • Provides a test domain specific language (Selenese) which helps to write tests in different programming languages.
  • Execute test scripts in multiple browsers and various operating systems.
  • Can run tests in multiple browser in parallel using Selenium Grid.
  • Selenium WebDriver is designed in the purpose to provide simple and more succinct programming interface. (Architecture of Selenium WebDriver)
  • It also supports web applications that implement part of their functionality within the browser using JavaScript and AJAX Technologies.

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Learn Java for Good Selenium Scripting

As far as Selenium is concerned, Our Selenium Tutorials page provides a detailed content to learn selenium from basics.


 Java Concepts for Selenium

  • OOP’s concept – Class, Objects Polymorphism, Inheritance and Encapsulation.
  • Java Programming essentials– Object Instances, method overloading/overriding concepts and packages.
  • Control Statements – While, do-While, Switch, If statements – This will help us in writing the scripts for a multiple scenario statements and decision making scenarios.
  • Looping statements – This will help us in scenarios like, iterating through a large table to find a record that you want and Running the same test for multiple number of times.
  • Arrays Concepts – This will help us in having some set of datas of same type in a static way.
  • Threads and MultiThreading Concepts – This will help us in making run our scripts in different threads that will help us in achieving better performance.
  • Java Collections Framework – ArrayLists and HashMaps – This will help us in maintaining a collection of data’s. Particularly useful for scenarios where you need to compare the data from Web app UI with the DB. [OR] From UI to another UI.
  • File Streams – Helpful for externalization of data through CSV, Excel or Java files. This will be helpful in externalization of data through CSV, Excel or Java Properties file.

Learn more here: Basic Java to Advanced Level Java Concepts

Selenium Tools

Selenium Automation Testing Tool is not a single tool but a collection of several sets of tools. To become Big Boss of Selenium you need to be clear enough about the tools below,

Selenium IDE

An Integrated Development Environment in Selenium is named as SeleniumIDE which is the simplest tool in Selenium. It works as a FireFox add-on and also can able to create tests very quickly with the help of record and playback functionality.

Big Boss in Selenium Automation

Complete Selenium IDE Installation Guide

Selenium RC

Selenium Remote Control a powerful tool in Selenium which has the facility to write automated test scripts in any programming language, and also can execute that test scripts in any browser which is JavaScript Enabled.

Big Boss in Selenium Automation

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid is used to run different test cases parallel with different browsers. It can support distributed test execution, Hence running multiple tests at the same time with different machines which having different browsers and operating systems is possible.

Selenium WebDriver

It is the recent and biggest change happened with the inclusion of WebDriver API.

Selenium 0 + Webdriver = Selenium 2.0
It is very simple and designed to overcome the limitations in Selenium RC – API

Know more: Selenium WebDriver Architecture

Latest Update Selenium 3

Selenium 3. 0 is the latest release in the Selenium series after 2.53.1 update. You can easily update to the latest one if you are in the above-specified version. As we already discussed Selenium Web Driver architecture in the previous tutorial here let’s discuss What’s new in Selenium 3.0 update.

Selenium 2.0 (Flashback)

Selenium Web Driver API which is well known is the old version of Selenium(2.0). It was the leading automation testing tool, But now web driver changed and it is a tool of choice for testing a software automatically.

Selenium2.0 has the capacity to maintain two core components such as Selenium Core and web driver API, In Selenium web driver can able to connect with the browser easily without any need of intermediates like Selenium RC server.

Selenium 3.0 (The core has changed)

Now it is official that Selenium 3.0 doesn’t have any selenium core, whereas other versions which came before this had a selenium core which is basically used for backward compatibility. If you are using selenium core then what you need to do is migrate your code.

Selenium IDE (New Test Runner)

What we have here in Selenium 3 is a new test runner, it means if you use Selenium IDE to write code then from now what you want to do is using the new test runner.

The download link is available in the official Selenium website. Here is the tutorial for How to install Selenium IDE.

The following are the steps to follow to install Selenium 3;

TestNG Framework

TestNG is a testing framework which is developed with the same line of JUnit and NUnit, with that it consists of some more new functionality which makes it simple and easier to use. Like selenium automation testing TestNG is also an open source automated testing framework.

Big Boss in Selenium Automation

Features of TestNG

“NG stands for Next Generation”

Like mentioned above TestNG is similar to JUnit but the performance is different from JUnit, It performs most powerful than JUnit. It must be better than that because it is designed for that case especially while testing integrated classes where the JUnit fails a bit.

Covers everything without fail

TestNG covers all the different categories of Testing whatever may be it from unit, functional, integration and more.

How it does that?

Eliminating the limitation is the key here, TestNG eliminates mostly all the limitations of the older framework which been an issue. By doing this the tester can able to free the arms to write test cases which are powerful and flexible.

Benefits of TestNG

The following are the benefits,

  • Annotations are simple and easy to understand
  • Annotation makes the testing easy
  • Using this test cases can be grouped which helps the tester to easily prioritize it
  • Can able to execute the test cases without the need for main function

Annotation in TestNG

Points to Remember:

  • Tests can be written in different programming languages such as C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python etc.
  • Test Domain Specific Language called – Selenese.
  • Selenium Automation Testing Tool is not a single tool but a collection of several set of tools.
  • Selenium 3. 0 is the latest release in the Selenium series after 2.53.1 update.
  • TestNG is a testing framework which is developed with the same line of JUnit and NUnit.


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