Learn Java for Good Selenium Scripting

               Good Selenium Scripting

As far as Selenium is concerned, Our Selenium Tutorials page provides a detailed content to learn selenium from basics, We been frequently receiving questions in our  Selenium FAQs page like which part of Java is needed to learn for Good Selenium Scripting – Read more for  selenium java tutorial,

Since many selenium beginners facing confusion in that, here this selenium article will help you to be clear about it,

Here comes the answer,

 OOP’s concept – Class, Objects Polymorphism, Inheritance and Encapsulation.

Java Programming essentials– Object Instances, method overloading/overriding concepts and packages.

Control Statements – While, do-While, Switch, If statements – This will help us in writing the scripts for a multiple scenario statements and decision making scenarios.

Looping statements – This will help us in scenarios like, iterating through a large table to find a record that you want and Running the same test for multiple number of times.

Quick Links: 

Arrays Concepts – This will help us in having some set of datas of same type in a static way.

Threads and MultiThreading Concepts – This will help us in making run our scripts in different threads that will help us in achieving better performance.

Java Collections Framework – ArrayLists and HashMaps – This will help us in maintaining a collection of data’s. Particularly useful for scenarios where you need to compare the data from Web app UI with the DB. [OR] From UI to another UI.

File Streams – Helpful for externalization of data through CSV, Excel or Java files. This will be helpful in externalization of data through CSV, Excel or Java Properties file.


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