Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid is a server which helps the tests to run on a remote machine using web browser instances, In other words with Selenium Grid a server can act as a Hub. Tests contacts the hub to access the browser instances.

Hence Grid allows you to run your tests on different machines also different browsers parallelly. Which means it supports distributed test execution environment. Read more about it in Selenium Wiki.

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Why Use it?

The following are the two reasons why to use Grid mentioned by Seleniumhq

• To run tests against multiple browsers, multiple operating systems.
• To reduce the time to make a test pass.


A virtual machines can be setup with each supporting a different browser that the application to be tested must support. So, machine 1 has Internet Explorer 8, machine 2, Internet Explorer 9, machine 3 the latest Chrome, and machine 4 the latest Firefox.

When the test suite is run, The Grid receives each test-browser combination and assigns each test to run against its required browser.

Selenium Grid Architecture:

Selenium Grid

Useful Resources in Selenium:

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