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Selenium WebDriver Architecture – Selenium WebDriver is designed in the purpose to provide simple and more succinct programming interface, The main purpose for the development of Selenium WebDriver was to deal with dynamic webpages because here the elements of the pages may change without the page being reloaded.

A well designed object oriented API is provided to the advanced web app testing problems by Selenium WebDriver.

Learn Selenium WebDriver Architecture:

To learn Selenium WebDriver which is the leading automation software testing framework it is important to know about its architecture and to be clear about how it works.

This part of the series of selenium tutorial for beginners will explain you about the Selenium WebDriver Architecture and the working functionality of it.

“Different parts of Selenium WebDriver”

Selenium WebDriver Architecture

The Selenium WebDriver architecture was overall divided into three parts,

  • Language Level Building
  • Selenium WebDriver API
  • Drivers

Language Level Building

As mentioned in the first stage of the pic which contains many programming languages. These languages will make a framework which then interacts with the Selenium WebDriver using that it can able to work on various browsers or devices.It is because of the common API in which Selenium has the same set of commands for all. In the above-mentioned languages, new bindings can be added easily.

Selenium Webdriver API

Those bindings mentioned above communicate with Selenium Webdriver API. This Selenium API acts as a bridge between the languages and drivers, It means it takes the commands from the bindings and sends it to the corresponding drivers.


There are any numbers of various browsers as noted in the image above. All those browsers work in a headless mode which helps to make the text execution faster, It also contains specific drivers for each.
Drivers know how to drive the browser which corresponds to it. Using this technique the browser does the stuff such as fetching data, navigating into the pages, button clicks.This is the overall technique of how a web browser works and the main structure of Selenium Webdriver.

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