Test Automation Framework and its Types

Under our Selenium Tutorials series for this weeks discussion the topic chosen was Test Automation Framework. Before going further read the previous tutorials about Basics of Automation Framework which you need to be clear to learn the types of test automation framework.

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What is Framework?

To be general, Framework is a conceptual structure which guides to build something useful. In other words Framework is a program, compilers, tool sets and application programming interfaces that bring all the different component to enable the development of the project.

Framework in Software Programming

In computer programming framework is defined as a common code which provides generic functionality that can be reusable which are wrapped in Application Programming Interface(API).

What is Test Automation Framework?

Test automation framework is a set of guidelines which are followed during automation scripting procedure.

Here is What Software Testing Help tells about Test Automation Framework

Types of Test Automation Framework

Test Automation Framework


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Why use Test Automation Framework?

It is necessary to use Test Automation Framework, but keep it mind that these are guidelines and not rules, If you avoid using these you will miss the following benefits,

  • Code Reusability
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Easy Reporting
  • Less minimal intervention
  • Maximum coverage level


Now coming to the point;

Types of Test Automation Framework

  • Linear Framework
  • Modular Framework
  • Data Driven Framework
  • Keyword Driven Framework
  • Hybrid Framework

What is Modular Framework?

Modular framework is based on OOPs concept.

Test Automation Framework

How it works?

This framework divides the Test Application into several logical and isolated modules.  Each and every module consists of separate individual test script. These type of modularization makes the application easy to maintain.

What is Data Driven Framework?

Data Driven Framework separates the test script logic and test data from each other. The test data is stored in an external database. It is stored in a external database in the format of xml files, text files, CSV files..etc.

Test Automation Framework

It increases the flexibility and maintainability. And the main important advantage here is any change in the test case data will not affect the test script code.

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What is Keyword Driven Framework?

 Keyword Driven Testing Framework  is also as same as Data Driven Test Framework, where the difference lies in separating the test data.  Here it not only separates the test data but also keeps an external data file which consists of certain set of code which belongs to the test data.

The set of codes are called as Keywords, Thus it is named as Keyword Driven Framework. Here a single keyword can be used for multiple test scripts.

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