Tips to be the Best Automation Tester

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Festivals are completed, now it is time to get back to work. Here are the Top10 tips to be the BEST Automation Tester.

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Top10 tips to be the BEST Automation Tester

  • To be the BEST Automation tester it is the predominant task to regulate which test case to automate and which not to.
  • Both Manual & Automation testing is very much needed for Software Testing. Each serves differently in different times.
  • One of the best practice automation experts would suggest is to create the test cases before automating your tests. The good design will always help you to identify the issues.
  • Automation Testing is always easier if you test earlier. Unit testing in automation can be implemented from day one, which will be easier for you.
  • Techniques such as Boundary Value Analysis, Equivalence Partitioning, State Transition Testing & Pairwise Testing are not only for manual testing but also can be used in Automation testing as well.
  • The best result lies in selecting the best testing tool, Selenium Testing Tool is the best & the trending testing tool used by the most number of companies around the world. The advantages of Selenium testing tool makes it the best among other tools.
  • Most of all your skill speaks a lot than other technical kinds of stuff, Certification training will help you to develop yourself as a PROFESSIONAL TESTER.
  • Avoid automating your UI, Changing your User Interface is always cost associated and the expense will be very high.
  • Automating the tests which run once is always a bad idea, Explore the test cases properly before automating, If it is not included in the regression, without any doubt avoid automating it.
  • 100% automation is never possible, Avoid completely automating your test application. Phases of Documentation, Installation will always require manual testing.

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