Top 3 Common Mistakes Testers Make

In our previous tutorials, we had discussed how to be the big boss of Selenium automation testing, Here in this part lets discuss the Top 3 Common Mistakes Testers Make.

Thus it will be easier for you to be a DEXTEROUS Tester!!

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First of all, as a newbie or experienced don’t ever worry about the mistakes you are doing;


“Mistakes Have The Power To Turn You INTO Something better than you were before”



“Good Communication Skill is Preferred”



Every job posts will have this in their requirements,

Communication is that important for Software development field which includes Software Testing.

Top 3 Common Mistakes - Selenium Training in Chennai

As a tester, you’ll have to communicate effectively about the defects, requirement gaps with the Developer, Test Manager, BA. Hence He/She need to be more skillful in communicating and express their thoughts differently to each one of them. As a tester, you need to be precise and give exact information to the developers.

If you missed then you will land up in trouble.

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Quit Learning

“Never Stop Learning because Life Never stops Teaching”

Software testing is the field where you continually need to adapt. As a tester, you are about to face different situations which will give you more challenges.

Top 3 Common Mistakes - Selenium Training for Beginners

Nowadays, the industry is moving towards Automation, Devops, etc. So going forward, there won’t be any Manual Testing at all. Everything needs to be automated. So that, people will make sure that they are validating their applications without any Manual Intervention. To make this happen, Automation is the key.

Professional Selenium Automation testing training will help you to learn automation testing practically which also guides you enhance your career.

Forced to Ignore Risk

“Take Risks: If You Win, You will be Happy; If You Lose, You will be Wise”

Experienced testers will know about this, Forcing to Ignore the Risks.

Top 3 Common Mistakes - Selenium Training Institute in Chennai

At some stage usually at the end of the test phase testers are forced to ignore the risks, because of the reason that it is hard to fix the bug by reproducing the codes.

The highly recommended suggestion is to Never Give In.

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