Top 5 Major Selenium Tools – Automation Testing Tools

Top 5 Major Selenium Tools – Selenium automation tool is the best open source testing tool for web applications.  As we all know it is developed by ThoughtWorks and the feature which made this the best testing tool in market is it can able to write test in various programming languages such as Java, PHP, C#, Perl, Python.

The engineers of selenium had made different number of tools which can meet  the various needs of the projects. Here in this tutorial we going to discuss about the Top 5 Major Selenium Tools you need to know. Complete and the latest updates in Selenium – Free PDF Link .

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Selenium IDE

Selenium Tools

An Integrated Development Environment in Selenium is named as SeleniumIDE which is the simplest tool in Selenium. It works as a FireFox add-on and also can able to create tests very quickly with the help of record and playback functionality.

Complete Selenium IDE Installation Guide 

Selenium RC

Selenium Tools

Selenium Remote Control a powerful tool in Selenium which has the facility to write automated test scripts in any programming language, and also can execute that test scripts in any browser which is JavaScript Enabled.

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid is used to run different test cases parallel with different browsers. It can support distributed test execution, Hence running multiple test at the same time with different machines which having different browsers and operating systems is possible.

Selenium WebDriver

It is the recent and biggest change happened with the inclusion of WebDriver API.

  • Selenium 0 + Webdriver = Selenium 2.0
  • It is very simple and designed to overcome the limitations in Selenium RC – API

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Selenium Grid 2.0

Selenium Tools

          The above mentioned Selenium Grid is now updated to Selenium Grid 2.0. It is merged with Selenium server also available in one single jar file.

The above mentioned are the important Selenium Tools which every Selenium Tester must be clear about, Follow our Free Selenium Tutorials to learn more about Selenium Automation Tool.