Top 5 Selenium Websites Every Software Tester should Bookmark in 2018

In this part of our Selenium Tutorial series, We are going to discuss the Top Selenium websites to learn Seleniumfrom scratch. The below list of sites consists of all set of things for Selenium such as Selenium tutorials, Selenium course content, Selenium Interview Questions, Selenium FAQs, Selenium Tester Jobs, Selenium projects, Selenium testing examples, Selenium Testing Pdfs and many more.

Lets Start:

  • Guru99
  • TutorialsPoint
  • Toolsqa
  • Software Testing Help
  • Selenium Tutorials



Guru99 is a popular site among software testers to learn Selenium easily from basics.

This selenium tutorials site consist of the set of Selenium tutorials which is labeled in a sequence of basics. The main goal of this website as mentioned in their page is “to make you a pro in Selenium”.

Guru99 also sharing Selenium Tutorials to your inbox directly.


Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point one of the popular websites among beginners. TP consist of different types of tutorials such as

  • Java
  • Python
  • Software Testing
  • Web Development
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Database courses

Selenium Tutorials which they shared on their website starts from the basic overview and covers all the topics which includes

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Environment Setup
  • Selenese commands
  • Selenium Locators
  • Selenium Test Design Techniques
  • Selenium TestNG and Selenium Grid

Each and every topic in Selenium automation testing were clearly explained with examples and relevant coding was also provided.



TOOLSQA a popular site among Selenium Testers, this tutorials site is run by Lakshay Sharma who has more than 10 years of experience in Software Testing.

This selenium tutorials site consist of different types of tutorials they are as follows,

  • Software Testing Tutorials
  • Selenium Tutorials in Java
  • Selenium Tutorials in C#
  • Cucumber Tutorial Java
  • SpecFlow Tutorial C#
  • Appium Mobile Automation
  • TestNG Tutorial
  • JUnit Unit Testing
  • Maven Tutorial
  • Core Java Tutorial

You can check out the complete set of tutorials shared on their website, it also consists of video tutorials which will be also easy to understand the Selenium easily.


Selenium Tutorials

Selenium Tutorials is the only site which got ranked in the last year’s Top 10 blogs every Software Testers should bookmark in 2017 and also ranked this year too.

The best of this website is the step by step explanation of each and every article which is mentioned in the complete Selenium contents.

As a software tester, you definitely need to check the below tutorials which are popular among Software Testers.

You can get more useful things on their website such as Top 100 Selenium Interview Questions & Free PDFs.

The special part is their Selenium FAQs Forum it consists of Selenium questions and respective answers from Selenium experts. You can ask your own Selenium queries in Selenium FAQs forum.


Software Testing Help

Like the name this site really helps you out in Software Testing.

Software Testing Help helps you out in all fields of Software testing such as Software testing practical software, Free eBooks, Guides to prepare for your ISTQB certification as well.

The latest tutorial which they published was System Testing Vs End To End Testing: Which one is Better to Opt? It consists of the whole information from what is what to the differences between the both with very clear information.

Also, you can subscribe to their updates as well to get the links directly to your mail.


On the whole:

All the Selenium website which are listed above and found by checking the whole performance of the page. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional these sites will definitely help you.

Also, share the post with your colleagues.

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