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Selenium 3. 0 is the latest release in the Selenium series after 2.53.1 update.  You can easily update to the latest one if you are in the above specified version.  As we already discussed about Selenium Web Driver architecture  in the previous tutorial here lets discuss about What’s new in Selenium 3.0 update.Selenium 2.0 (Flash back):

Selenium Web Driver API which is well known, is the old version of Selenium(2.0). It was the leading automation testing tool, But now web driver changed and it is a tool of choice for testing a software automatically.

Selenium2.0 has the capacity to maintain two core components such as Selenium Core and web driver API, In Selenium web driver can able to connect with the browser easily without any need of  intermediates like Selenium RC server.

Selenium 3.0 (The core has changed):

Now it is official that Selenium 3.0 doesn’t have any selenium core, where as other versions which came before this had a selenium core which is basically used for backward compatibility. If you are using selenium core then what you need to do is migrate your code.

Selenium IDE (New Test Runner):

What we have here in Selenium 3 is a new test runner, it means if you use Selenium IDE to write code then from now what you want to do is using the new test runner.

The download link is available in the official Selenium website. Here is the tutorial for How to install Selenium IDE.

The following are the steps to follow to install Selenium 3;

In the next articles let’s discuss more important topics in Selenium.

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