5 Reasons Why Selenium is used mostly? – Selenium Automation Tool

Automation matters:

Selenium Automation Tool – As we all know technology has been improving a lot day by day, the complexity of software applications has also been increased to a large extent.  Increasing number of interactive and complicated modules needs to be tested thoroughly, Hence we must rely on automation testing tools for all our future testing needs. Read more about Why Selenium with graph.

Web Application:

Selenium Automation

There is a tremendous growth in Web Industry for the past couple of years. A huge number of web sites been launched every single day. Every business areas is also rely on the website to reach the customers. Hence the web applications are need to be tested for its performance, load time, and more.

Here Selenium plays a major role, Selenium is the one and only open source tool which can effectively test the web applications. To be more detailed Selenium has the support of some of the largest browser vendors who have taken steps to make selenium a native part of their browser.

More details Read Selenium Web Driver Architecture.

App Testing:

Selenium Automation

App Development Industry was not up to the mark as Web application industry a few years before, but now after the entry of smartphones and tablets made it more stronger than before. Like web application testing,  app testing also needs selenium testing tool to improve its functionality.

Selenium testing tool can test all types of smart apps efficiently and effectively. Top5 Major Selenium Tools.

Cross Platform Testing:

A very important phase of quality assurance is Cross platform testing. The choice of platforms is endless when a product is developed for multiple platforms. Selenium testing tool play can be used to perform Cross platform testing for app and web applications, Thus gives the same look and feel in all platforms.


When there will be decrease in the effort that will result in decrease in time and hence low cost per hour!! In other words, we can say with the implementation of Selenium automation tool, we can save good bucks due to faster operation.

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