Accenture Hiring DevOps Engineer

Role: Application Developer
Role Description: Design, build and configure applications to meet business process and application requirements.
Must Have Skills: DevOps
Good To Have Skills: Agile Continuous Integration Tools.

Job Requirements :
Key Responsibilities :

Responsibilities Minimum of 3 years DevOps experience Develop a pipeline to successful enable project to fully achieve their goal of a robust continuous integration/continuous deployment CI/CD for an on-prem and cloud-based Hybris-based eCommerce Marketplace Support the DevOps Lead in accomplishing the goal above including scripting and documentation of CI/CD operations Fix any issues that may arise and impact the CI/CD pipeline List the essential duties and responsibilities required to carry out this job List them in order of importance Use complete sentences Use gender-neutral language 2: Professional Experience At least a year of hands-on DevOps implementation of CI/CD Knows scripting language ksh, bash, python and playbooks Has experience using Jenkins, Gitlabs, Artifactory, Chef, Puppet, and other DevOps-related tools.