Amazon Web Services Interview Questions and Answers Set 6

51. What is AWS WAF? What are the potential benefits of using WAF?

AWS WAF is a web application firewall that lets you monitor the HTTP and HTTPS applications that are promoted to Amazon CloudFront and gives you regulate path to your content. Based on circumstances that you stipulate, such as the IP addresses that grants originate from or the consequences of query series, CloudFront returns to applications either with the petitioned content or with an HTTP 403 situation code (Forbidden). You can further configure CloudFront to restore a pattern failure page when an application is obstructed.

Advantages of utilizing WAF:

  • Further security versus web initiatives relating circumstances that you designate. You can describe situations by managing characteristics of web inquiries such as the IP address that the applications originate from, the rates in headers, chains that rise in the applications, and the presence of hateful SQL code in the call, which is recognized as SQL injection.
  • Rules that you can reuse for various network appeals
  • Real-time metrics and examined web demands
  • Computerized command practicing the AWS WAF API

52. What is Amazon EMR?

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) is a survived cluster stage that interprets working big data structures, before-mentioned as Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop, on AWS to treat and investigate enormous volumes of data. By adopting these structures and relevant open-source designs, such as Apache Pig and Apache Hive, you can prepare data for analytics goals and marketing intellect workloads. Additionally, you can use Amazon EMR to convert and migrate vast masses of information into and of other AWS data repositories and databases, such as Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

53. What is AWS Data Pipeline ? and what are the components of AWS Data Pipeline?

A web service that you can implement to automate the journey and exchange of data are called AWS Data Pipeline. Beside AWS you can define data-driven workflows so that companies can be reliant on the favorable execution of initial jobs.

The succeeding components of AWS Data Pipeline work collectively to get your data:

  • A pipeline key indicates the business appraised of your data administration. For additional data, observe Pipeline Definition File Syntax.
  • A pipeline registers and tracks responsibilities. You upload your pipeline accuracy to the pipeline and when excite the pipeline. You can control the pipeline variety for a working pipeline and stimulate the pipeline regularly for it to receive the issue. You can deactivate the pipeline, replace a data storage, and before initiate the pipeline newly. If you are terminated with your pipeline, you can cancel it.
  • Task Runner studies for services and then performs those duties. For instance, Task Runner could replicate log records to Amazon S3 and push Amazon EMR organizations. Task Runner is uns automatically on devices designed by your pipeline keys. You can create a custom task runner application, or you can make the Task Runner form that is offered by AWS Data Pipeline.AWS EC2 Interview Questions

54. What is Amazon Kinesis Firehose?

A fully managed service for delivering real-time streaming data to destinations such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Redshift is known as Amazon Kinesis Firehose.

55. What Are Amazon CloudSearch and its features?

A thoroughly managed service in the cloud that creates it simple to set up, maintain, and estimate a search solution for your website or application is called Amazon CloudSearch.

we can use Amazon CloudSearch to catalog and explore both plain text and structured data. Amazon CloudSearch characteristics:

Entire text search with language-specific text processing

  • Range searches
  • Prefix searches
  • Boolean search
  • FacetingTerm boosting
  • Highlighting
  • Autocomplete Advices

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56. Explain what is Regions and Endpoints in AWS?

An endpoint is a URL that is the entry point for a web service. To decrease data latency in your forms, most Amazon Web Services results enable you to choose a sectional endpoint to make your applications.

Some services, before-mentioned as Amazon EC2, let you define an endpoint that does not cover a particular area.IAM, do not sustain regions; their endpoints, consequently, do not incorporate a region proposed by Amazon Web Services Tutorials Some services.Amazon Web Services Tutorials

57. What are the different types of cloud services?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Data as a Service (DaaS).

58. What is SimpleDB?

A structured records or data repository that encourages indexing and data doubts to both EC2 and S3 is known as SimpleDB.

59. What is the type of architecture, where half of the workload is on the public load while at the same time half of it is on the local storage?

Hybrid cloud architecture.

60. Should encryption be used for S3?

Encryption should be examined for delicate information or data as S3 is a proprietary technology.