Android Interview Questions and Answers Set 5

41.How will you record a phone call in Android? or How to handle on Audio Stream for a call in Android?

PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS: Will Allows an application to monitor, modify, or abort outgoing calls. So through that we can monitor the Phone calls.

42.What do you understand by Intents in Android IDE?

Intents are used to display notification messages on android enable devices. These notifications may be alert messages or any other notifications. The best part is that Android users can also respond to these intents whenever required.

43.As an Android developer, how will you enumerate the steps necessary to created bounded services through AIDL?

  • Create AIDL file to define the programming interface.
  • Implement the interface and
  • Expose the interface

44.How will you differentiate nine-patch image from regular bitmap image?

Nine-patch image works on nine parameters when resizing an image that includes four corners, 4 edges, and one axis. At the same time, Regular bitmap images work on the overall background image.

45.Why To Use Android?

Android is useful because:
*It is simple and powerful SDK
*Licensing, Distribution or Development fee is not required
*Easy to Import third party Java library
*Supporting platforms are ? Linux, Mac Os, Windows

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46.How To Remove Desktop Icons And Widgets?

 Press and Hold the icon or widget. The phone will vibrate and on the bottom of the phone you will see anoption to remove. While still holding the icon or widget drag it to the remove button. Once remove turns red drop the item and it is gone.

47.Enumerate the steps in creating a bounded service through AIDL.

  • create the .aidl file, which defines the programming interface
  • implement the interface, which involves extending the inner abstract Stub class as well as implanting its methods.
  • expose the interface, which involves implementing the service to the clients.

48.What are the measures to avoid application ANR?

ANR in application is annoying to user. It can be caused due to various reasons. Below are some of the tips to avoid ANR

  • Perform all you long running network or database operation in separate thread
  • If you have too much of background tasks, then take it off the UI thread. You may use IntentService
  • Server not responding for longer period can be guilt for ANR. To avoid always define HTTP time out for your all your webs service calls.
  • Be watchful of infinite loops during your complex calculations

49.What are the different storage methods in android?

Shared Preferences – Store private primitive data in key-value pairs. This sometimes gets limited as it offers only key value pairs. You cannot save your own java types.

Internal Storage – Store private data on the device memory

External Storage – Store public data on the shared external storage

SQLite Databases – Store structured data in a private database. You can define many number of tables and can store data like other RDBMS.

50.what is FrameLayout ?

The FrameLayout is the most basic of the Android layouts. FrameLayouts are built to hold one view. As with all things related to development, there is no hard rule that FrameLayouts can’t be used to hold multiple views.