Anlage Hiring Data Scientist

Location: Chennai
Experience: 5+ years
Role: Data Scientist

Roles and responsibilities

Explore large datasets to surface useful trends, signals, and segments. The role drives business and industry solutions focused on Big Data and Advanced Analytics, in diverse domains such as product development, pricing, marketing research, public policy, optimization and risk management. The role uses analytics to provide predictive, prescriptive, and decisive insight:

  • Translate business objectives into analytic approaches, and identify data sources to support analysis.
  • Analyze and model structured data using advanced statistical methods.
  • Perform exploratory data analyses, generate and test working hypotheses, prepare and analyze historical data and identify patterns.
  • Analyze data using SAS, R, Python, Java, open source packages and commercial/enterprise applications.
  • Perform machine learning, text analytics, and statistical analysis methods, such as classification, collaborative filtering, association rules, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, time-series analysis, regression, statistical inference, and validation methods.
  • Implement algorithms and software needed to perform analyses.
  • Drive client engagements focused on Big Data and Advanced Business Analytics, in diverse domains such as product development, marketing research, public policy, optimization, and risk management.
  • Interface with databases (SQL, NO SQL, HDFS) to extract, transform and load data.
  • Communicate results and educate others through reports and presentations.