ASP.NET Interview Questions and Answers Set 2

11.What you mean by inner exception in C#?

Inner exception is a property of exception class which will give you a brief insight of the exception i.e, parent exception and child exception details.

12.Explain circular reference in C#?

This is a situation where in, multiple resources are dependent on each other and this causes a lock condition and this makes the resource to be unused.

13.What you mean by delegate in C#?

Delegates are type safe pointers unlike function pointers as in C++. Delegate is used to represent the reference of the methods of some return type and parameters.

14.What are the differences between events and delegates in C#?

Main difference between event and delegate is event will provide one more of encapsulation over delegates. So when you are using events destination will listen to it but delegates are naked, which works in subscriber/destination model.

15.Is C# code is unmanaged or managed code?

C# code is managed code because the compiler – CLR will compile the code to Intermediate Language.

16.Why to use lock statement in C#?

Lock will make sure one thread will not intercept the other thread which is running the part of code. So lock statement will make the thread wait, block till the object is being released.

17.Explain Partial Class in C#?

Partial classes concept added in .Net Framework 2.0 and it allows us to split the business logic in multiple files with the same class name along with “partial” keyword.

18.What is Thread in C#?

Thread is an execution path of a program. Thread is used to define the different or unique flow of control. If our application involves some time consuming processes then it’s better to use Multithreading., which involves multiple threads.

19.Can Multiple Inheritance implemented in C# ?

In C#, derived classes can inherit from one base class only. If you want to inherit from multiple base classes, use interface.

20.What are the uses of delegates in C#?

Below are the list of uses of delegates in C# –

  • Callback Mechanism
  • Asynchronous Processing
  • Abstract and Encapsulate method
  • Multicasting

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