Components of .NET Architecture


In this article we are going to look at .NET Framework Architecture.Before knowing about the .NET Architecture, I recommend you to read Basics of Dot Net and OOPs concept in Dot Net which helps to .NET developers to develop the applications easily and gives some basic idea about the .NET framework.

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Components of .NET Architecture:

components of .NET Architecture

Common Language Runtime(CLR):

CLR provides an environment to run all the .net programs.It is something like a virtual machine.CLR controls the execution of managed dot net programming code.It is responsible for managing exceptions.CLR provides memory management and thread management.

.NET Framework class library(FCL):

FCL also called Base class Library.FCL is common for all type of application such as Windows Application, Web Application, console application, XML web service, windows service.

Common Type System(CTS):

CTS defines the common language runtime supported types of data and the operation over them.CTS supports two general types value type and reference type.

Common Language Specification(CLS):

.NET has defined CLS which are nothing but guidelines that language to follow.CLS is communicating with other .NET languages.It describes a common level of language functionality.


I hope this article would have helped you in understanding .NET framework architecture. For a complete list of support and detailed resources on each of the topics described here. It gives you a platform to learn .NET Framework.