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In the series of selenium tutorials, this part of the tutorial describes about an important chapter in selenium is Cross Browser Testing using Selenium.

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This post will give you answers for the below questions,

  • What is Cross Browser Testing?
  • Why we need to do Cross Browser Testing?
  • What are the Cross Browser Issues?

Here are the answers;

What is Cross Browser Testing?

Cross Browser Testing using Selenium

  • Cross Browser Testing the name itself shows what it is all about, If a web or mobile application is developed, It needs to be tested in different applications for its consistency, quality and make sure there is no issue in the performance.
  • This testing is applicable for both web & mobile applications.

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Why we need to do Cross Browser Testing?

Cross Browser Testing using Selenium

  • Web based applications are entirely different from windows applications, If a web application is created it might be opened in any type of browser by the end user.
  • Hence it is important to produce the best result in each and every browser for our web application.
  • To ensure the best performance of the application Cross Browser Testing using Selenium is the best option.

What are the Cross Browser Issues?

  • Incorrect or no DOCTYPE
  • No CSS Reset
  • Font size mismatch in different browsers
  • JavaScript implementation can be different
  • CSS,HTML validation difference can be there
  • Some browser still not supporting HTML5
  • Page alignment and div size
  • Image orientation
  • Browser incompatibility with OS. etc

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