Difference Between NoSql Cassandra and Apache Hadoop

Difference Between NoSql Cassandra and Apache Hadoop

What is Cassandra?

Cassandra is the NoSql Database and it handles the more amount of data between multiple servers. It serves data from database to online transactional applications and business intelligence because Cassandra is the open source database. Cassandra created by Facebook and designed for peer to peer nodes. It partitions the data across the Hadoop cluster and counts the copy of data from the database.

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What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open source framework which is used to store a lot of data sets.Hadoop is provided for data storage, data access, data processing and security operations. Many organizations are used Hadoop for storage purpose because Hadoop storing a large amount of data quickly.

Difference Between NoSQL Cassandra and Apache Hadoop:

S.No NoSql Cassandra Apache Hadoop
1 Cassandra is the no NoSQL database and mainly used for architecture and handle more amount of data between multiple servers. Hadoop is the open source framework and mainly used for stores a large amount of data. Works of the Hadoop based on programming.
2 It accepts the only structured data only. Hadoop accepts structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.
3 Architecture of the Cassandra contains peer to peer nodes and all nodes are same in Cassandra. Architecture of Hadoop contains master and slave nodes.In Hadoop name node works master and data node works worker node.
4 Cassandra works on the backend of the online systems. Hadoop works on the web, mobile, and IOT applications.
5 Cassandra used for online transactions. Hadoop used to analyze the data from the user input and database.
6 In Cassandra read and write data at many times. In Hadoop write programming once but read programs at any time.
7 It is the NoSql database means query language so the command is used for accessing the data in Cassandra. It is a programming language so MapReduce programming used to access the data in Hadoop.
8 Cassandra stores the data in an array format and stores the data at indexed based. Storage format of Hadoop is file systems means large data are split into small blocks.
9 All nodes are same in Cassandra so easily handles the data from a database. When master node is down in Hadoop cannot access any data.
10 Uses Gossip protocol for communication between nodes. Uses TCP and UDP for communication between nodes.
11 Indexing the data very easy in Cassandra because of data stores in index format. Indexing is very difficult in Hadoop.
12 In Cassandra data are not directly written in the disk.Data first stored in table format if table memory full data are stored on the disk. In Hadoop data are directly written in nodes.