Dr Chrono Hiring Python Developer

Location: Chennai
Experience: 3+ Years
Role: Software Developer
Skill: Python

In this role, you will…

  • Manage and enhance the billing tools within our product.
  • Innovate and drive improvements to the billing product with a focus on feature development, client customization and code refactoring .
  • Work and communicate regularly with our Quality Assurance and RCM team.
  • Maintain and support data pipeline, warehouse, and analytics.
  • Conduct software testing and troubleshooting.

Some projects you may be apart of…

  • Assess, monitor and improve integrations with third party vendors.
  • Have the opportunity to solve complex problems regarding medical billing requirements for both doctors and billing vendors
  • Increase efficiency and develop best practices to help us build a scalable billing platform that help doctors run their practice more efficiently .
  • Leveraging AI & machine learning to enhance our billing accuracy and reduce the billing claim rejection. We are excited to use data to help improve our processes.
  • Learn commonly used CPT codes for different types of doctors and different types of ailments (icd10/ icd9/ SNOMED). Learning an optimized fee schedule (preference list of billing codes with associated billing amounts) will help new doctors setup a practice and help others improve their current billing codes to get more payment from insurance.
  • Predict whether a claim will get accepted or rejected or denied. Make suggestions for a claim to: Improve its chances for getting accepted and increase revenue for the doctor from the claim.

You have…

  • 3+ year experience writing production backend code in Python (preferably Django).
  • 3+ year experience in writing scalable and maintainable software.
  • Demonstrated understanding of front-end technologies, including modern Javascript using AngularJS, HTML and CSS.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer or Software Engineering.
  • An analytical mindset in a problem-solving, results-oriented environment.
  • Clear communication skills when it comes to reporting needs and answering technical and service questions.
  • A passion for using the latest advancements in tech to fix the healthcare industry.