Frequently Asked HR Interview Question For Freshers

Tell me about yourself’ – The First Interview Question

The first and foremost interview question expected to hear from the employer or HR is “tell me about yourself”. Some find difficulty in answering this question. The people who are clear about the information regarding their past, present and future can easily use this opportunity to get a good attention from the HR. Anyway, this is also an important interview question where you need to practice well. So for that we have given some important tips to introduce yourself for both freshers and experienced. Let us start with the important tips to answer this question.

Interview Question and Answers

Interview Question – Tell me about Yourself

How to Answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question – fresh graduate

The most important thing you have to remember when you are answering to the interview question is creativity. Your answer should be creative in the way that the employer should understand and it need not to be usual. Even the job Interview Question doesn’t consist of this question this will help you in somewhere. All the time start with your present and convey your remaining details.

Best 10 things to say in “Tell me about yourself”

  1. Start with Hi or hello to the interviewer.
  2. Say your name.
  3. Tell about your educational qualification (Starting from higher degree and say about schooling in a word, if your fresher else no need).
  4. Tell something about your expertise in the relevant domain.
  5. Your strength.
  6. Your weakness – Weakness also should be positive (Example: Over confidence, Perfectionist, love). If you have a good explanation then say your weakness else no need.
  7. Your achievements or accomplishments.
  8. Your interest and passion.
  9. Explain your project using some technical terms. So HR will start checking your knowledge and you can carry the interview in your control.
  10. Why you applied for this job and how you suitable for this position.

Complete these within 2 min if you are fresher. It’s very easy to crack any HR interview if you are confident and out smart the interviewer. Carry the interview under your control with your answers.

If the interviewer says “introduce yourself” then start with Hi and a good tell me about yourself answer contains above points. Answers should be clear and bold like you are speaking to your friends. Don’t present in the way that you memorized and explaining in sequence. Each answer should be interesting and make him to ask more questions. This will vary slightly based on the job position and experience/fresher.

“Tell me about yourself” when you hear this interview question, leave a while and answer. You can even make a text of this answer and practice well. So you can easily convey the answer with confidence. The above tips(Interview Question) are common for fresh graduates and experienced. We hope this is going to be a good answer for this  Interview Question – B.E, B. Tech, civil engineer, teacher, nursing, all engineers etc.

Good Luck!